Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mission of the Mariner January 2006

I am launched into the deep...
My raft is rickety, but gaining strength...
I long to make quick speed
to meet the challenges of the upcoming waves
and prevail.

For mine is not a mission made by me...
It is a mission that has captured my heart...
and now I am forced to sail forward
or to swim, or if need be
to drown.

I am not alone on this voyage...
Though at times I wish a partner to take...
but whenever I call, the Great Mariner's Spirit
comes to me on the breeze in good weather,
or in bad.

So with a vision alone in my room...
I pass from the well traveled waters of the Mediterranean...
into the vast ocean spread before me
propelled by a Love
propelled by a Love
that has filled me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Krakow thots Jan 2006

anka pole
Originally uploaded by Scott Barnett.

I like what this land does to me:
-it makes me nostalgic
and progressive
-i want to reminisce
and dream
-i want to explore streets
and stare out windows
-i'm needed here
or so i tell myself...

I like what these people do to me:
-the polish girl has captured my heart
*her beauty
*her kindness
*her walk
*her voice
*her haunting eyes

I am cut loose upon the waters...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

one of my hero's

Originally uploaded by Scott Barnett.
this is jack...
jack is wearing the poncho..
talking to jan from slovakia...
jack is drinking the beers that were offered to me, i was feeling sick and in no mood for alcohol...
we just finished playing for three hours at the bar that jan owns in a small town outside dubinca, slovakia...
jack is one of my hero's!!!

i think now he is in puerto rico, living life large, trying to start a bible smuggling operation and telling people about jesus...he's always talking about jesus, usually while drinking beer! or saying the word s__t! or wearing his "james bond" dress suit while flying on the plane back to america.

i love jack...wish i was more like jack...jack will probably be martyred before he's thirty...i don't want to be totally like jack. but i'd love to see more jacks in the world. it would sure be a whole lot more interesting...

know what?

me thotful
Originally uploaded by Scott Barnett.
you know there are times when you think you know...but you just don't know. how can you know something, if you don't know it? if you have ever asked this question of yourself, you now know what i feel like. i have not blogged for 5 months, because i did not know something i should have known...and i could not know it, until i knew it...but now i know it!!! and the it??

my username and password...thus no blogging.

thot i'd share that with you, just in case you didn't know!!!

hope you hear from me more than you have...


Saturday, August 27, 2005

the next call...

i'm looking forward to the next call...
this one should decide it all
or push back the give and play
that i engage in every day
as i pray and hope for your presence in my life
not just a tiny glimmer but your entire light
to lay in quiet places...
to let our thoughts and breath collide...
as days fade into months...
and you are closer to my side
i know, i know
one should not hunger for what one can not control
but i've opened the valve to dangerous thoughts
and there's no turning back the flow
of my heart's emotions...
of my mind's deep dreams
of the beautiful ache...
that my desire for you brings

Friday, August 12, 2005

shoving off from the shore

well cyberpunks...i've just joined the band...for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. hope this brings some vicarious life to some bored people out there...